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I'm going to ask you to pay a lot of money for one single PDF document. No bonuses, either. This is a rather "meaty" PDF... the longest I've ever written.

If you're ready to "risk" this investment... then I think you will realize in less than 5 minutes from your purchase... that it was one of the smartest investments you have made all year.

My name is Jason Fladlien, and recently...

We broke our shopping cart...

How? We exceed 500 products in that cart. Out of the tens of thousands of people who probably use this service... we were the first to accomplish such a "feat."

When we contacted their support, they replied - "We never figured anyone would go over 500 products." Well, they figured wrong.

If there is one thing I know to be as close to guaranteed, for sure riches in this business... it's being paid to create content. I call it premium content. Being able to create this premium content has perks, such as:

And most importantly
systemized it!

Let me ask you an important question...

What's the best format to sell your content in?

Answer: It depends. On What? First, your own personal taste. I have sold at least six figures in each of the following: PDFs, audio products, video products, consulting, group coaching, eClasses, and even physical products.

Often times what dictates my format is what I feel like doing at the time it comes to transform my ideas into big, fat piles of money.

Second: Ease. Related to the topic of your content, which is the easiest for you to bang out your premium information? Hilariously, I've sold how to write sales letters via ONLY video. I've taught webinars techniques via only the written word. Same with video marketing through a PDF. :)

If you do it right...

it doesn't matter, you will succeed...

You just want to succeed as quickly, easily, painlessly, and simply as possible. Lots of money. Little time. Littler effort.

Here's another question - do you have to be an expert to sell premium content?

Answer: Yes. That's good! Because you can become an expert, following my advice, in no time flat. Let me pose a scenario. You observe there are thousands of people struggling with something that you think you can solve with a few hours of research and messing around.

So are you willing to "sacrifice" a few hours to then turn around and be able to sell several thousand copies at $99 a pop?

I hope you said yes.

Let's switch gears. I want you to examine the following business models with me...

Search Engine Optimization Based Businesses...

Search results have been heavily favored by content. The content bias is not as strong as it used to be, but it's still there.

Even more important these days is "activity." That's what Google wants. You know what brings activity like no other? When you discover how to take something and break down and explain it... in a way.... almost no other supposed "guru" in your market can.

That gets Twitter in a frenzy. That lights up Facebook. That gets people begging for more of you... and willing to spend money to satiate that thirst.

Master content and guess what? You accidentally get search engine benefits... and that's the way it should be. Optimize for humans and the computers follow.

Affiliate Based Marketing...

Recently Wilson Mattos & I won the biggest affiliate contest of the year. Yep, we beat every single major super star in the Internet Marketing game.

This wasn't the first time we did that this year, mind you. When it comes to making money referring people through an affiliate link to a product where we get paid... we're stone cold masters.

Want to make the most money as an affiliate?

The answer is to create content. Lots of it. In every single instance, I compiled a better bonus package than all my competitors. Now, I do have a large reach, but compared to some of the competition we were up against... I had in most cases LESS of an audience within my reach. But I had better bonuses...

While the gurus were recycling their last product as a bonus for the sixth time this year... I was creating brand new content at the drop of the hat... allowing us to win contests and even win a contest prize of $50,000... on top of the commissions we received.

Any affiliate marketer is at a severe disadvantage if they aren't a master at content.

Paid Traffic Generation

All advertising works at the right price. Example: if I had access to a jet with unlimited fuel... and a printing machine that allowed me to print as many fliers as I wanted for free...

Then I could simply fly over cities, throwing fliers out of this plane and THAT would work!

Until I discover such a plane and printer... I'm left with the next best thing - the more targeted the advertising, the less expensive it is.

In other words, if I want to get your attention in a crowded place... I could yell "hey you!"... or even "hey you in the red baseball hat!"... Better though would be if I just called out your name.

Well with the right content creation approach, you can call out any profitable niche by name... getting higher click thrus at less cost per click... and most importantly significantly improving your conversions.

The reason why most people fail with advertising is because they try to fit square pegs into round holes. They want a "one size fits all" approach because they are too lazy or naive to understand how to use the right "Content Bait." Oh well, their loss, YOUR GAIN.

Are you getting excited yet?

I hope so. When I share my content strategies, it's usually in some fancy whiz bang format.

For example, we've sold countless people at $497 a pop for my "Product eClass" training. For our Webinar Legend Training, we had many people take us up at our $999.95 price point - and were HAPPY they did, because it was a great investment for them!

I am probably the foremost expert on content creation... and chances are if you bought a product from someone else on it... I could find them in my customer records - because they probably learned it from me.

That's why you'll agree that for just $99.95 - to get ALL my content creation secrets in one place... even though they're housed in "just" a PDF... it's a ridiculous bargain. Of course, the catch is that I may raise the price at any time, so you need to act today to guarantee you get this low price.

What Is
Content Forever?

It's 73 pages. 20,383 words. No filler, all killer. It's without a doubt, the greatest thing I've written... which says a lot, considering how prolific I am with content creation.

Every single page will give you an "ah ha" moment... an insight on what you've been doing wrong and how you can instantly correct it.

You'll walk away with a new found confidence that will translate into success... even if you've previously failed 300 times at making money online. That's the past. This is the NOW, and by taking action on this training, you'll create an amazing future.

Check this out...

Here's what you'll discover
just from pages 4 to 8...

Oh, We're Just getting started!

God I love that last little bullet you just read. That alone is worth the price of admission for the whole Content Forever training.

By the way, I just used one of my content tricks on you - where I hit the ground running and immediately in the first few pages of Content Forever give you more value than 99% of "complete" a-to-z courses give you. And I show you how to do the same.

In the next pages, you will discover:

Wow, we're cooking!

We're not even a 1/3rd of the way through yet and look what you get!

Which is incredible because we haven't even discussed these things yet:

One of the most important
content concepts ever... the outline! It is what allows you to "create without pausing to think!"

However, what's the secret behind generating these simple, powerful outlines effortlessly? Well...

Audio Content Specific Secrets...

Here's a taste:

Video Content Specific Secrets...


'Free' Premium Content Secrets...

Most of the content we talk about is premium PAID content. This section deals specifically with using certain types of content for traffic and lead generation...

Damn, that's a lot of bullet points. But in reality this sales page only scratches the surface of EVERYTHING you'll learn in Content Forever.

Check It All Out On My DIME

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